21 mars 2012


A few days ago I started working on the patchwork that I begun years ago (around 2000). It was supposed to become a bedspread but now, as I've moved my bed into the living room, I'm going to make it into a drape for the bed. I cut squares 10x10 cm that I stitch on the sewing machine. When I started it ago I didn't want to make it too complicated, and it's still a very time consuming project. I mix all sorts of materials, colours and prints and in no specific order even though I let the different fabrics "grow" in and out of each other.... I wouldn't go and buy fabrics for a patchwork as the point of making a patchwork is to use old garments, scraps and any piece of fabric that you can lay your hands on. It's the most marvelous way of do-re-do! Each piece of fabric with its own story.... I'm sure the drape will be absolutely beautiful when it's finished!