S/S 2014

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection has got two new prints and one favourite revisited. Nice and comfortable styles and all of it is GOTS-certified.

Run Lion! Do you remember the English news story about a lion on the loose in a residential area? I suppose that you don't, but anyway; in the end, it turned out to bee somebody’s very very large and fat cat!
Elliot's Bramble This print is inspired by the French countryside. A little boy named Elliot lives in a blackberry bush, in a castle with his Shetland pony and his many other little friends.
Sour said the Fox This is a favourite print from AW 2012 that has come back in new colours. It is inspired by the Aesopo’s Fable about the fox that wanted to try the grapes but couldn’t reach them.

From Modéerska Huset with love
/Jenny xx

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