26 augusti 2015


The fall collection 2015 is right now on its way to Gothenburg, Sweden from Izmir, Turkey! Hopefully I will be able to send it out to suppliers and get it online during the first week in September.

This collection is called The Wilderness and is inspired by the Swedish forest and all who lives and moves within it. This is how this collection came about: Each summer me and my kids stay at our summer place in Småland in Sweden and even though I do not have much time for strolling in the forest I do cherish every moment I have there. Last summer me and my two little girls made friends with a great big hunter and we were really struck with the love and respect he felt for the forest and its animals and his great knowledge and wisdom. This meeting was so inspiring that when I got back to town and work, I made a whole collection of it!

There are four new prints in The Wilderness collection called Oh Dear!, Deep Forest, Summer Revisited and To Squirrel.

A nice new product for this season is the baby blanket with one print on each side that will fit perfectly in a stroller or a baby bed.

I really hope that you will like this new collection!

18 maj 2015


Hej! Nu är det dags för en outlet igen i Göteborg; Modéerska Huset tillsammans med Anive for the Minors, Koolabah och Cotton and Button! Passa på att frossa i ekologiskt till era barn! Hitta finkläder till sommarens alla studentfiranden och fester!

29 december 2014

End of Season Sale!

Hello dear customers!

Do visit Modéerska Huset and the End of Season Sale! All articles at full price are now discounted with 35%! The discount is automatically added when you get to the check out.

1 december 2014

13 november 2014


Hej Göteborgare!
Se nu till att skriva in följande i era kalendrar: MINIOUTLET 28-30 November på Karl Gustavsgatan 25. Fredag efter kl 16 blir det champagemingel!

Vi är fyra göteborgsbaserade ekologiska barnklädmärken som samarbetar tätt och nu kan ni träffa oss alla på samma gång, mingla och fynda!

Vi ses!
Hälsningar/ Anive for the Minors, Cotton & Button, Koolabah & Modéerska Huset

11 september 2014


Well, Modéerska Huset is all about colour and prints, and sometimes it gets a bit much!? So therefor I have made a small basics range that is still prints but not really colour. Greymelange lovely soft organic cotton jersey with a black print. This will be great as a compliment to any colour or print really! The print for this basics range is called Medley. It is a pick and mix from loads of previous Modéerska Huset prints. 

"In music, a medley is a piece composed from parts of existing pieces, usually three, played one after another, sometimes overlapping. They are common in popular music, and most medleys are songs rather than instrumental. A medley which is a remixed series is called a megamix, often done with tracks for a single artist, or for popular songs from a given year or genre."

I hope that you will like this Medley range!

17 april 2014

2 april 2014


April is my favorite month of the year, as I have my birthday!… and as it’s springtime and as there’s birds singing and as there's snowdrops and crocuses and sun and light and lots of other wonderful things! My kids and I have prepared for summer by planting enough flower seeds to turn our little balcony into a perfect jungle of pink, blue, red, purple, orange and greens….

Soil, home made pots and loads of seeds!
Another thing that’s very exciting about this month is that I will go to Izmir in Turkey to visit the manufacturer that manages the production for Modéerska Huset! This is absolutely thrilling! Make sure to follow Modéerska Huset on Instagram so that you can also take part in this trip and see the place and the people where all Modéerska Huset's garments are printed, cut and sewn.

I want to take this opportunity to apologice for the problem with card payments in the webshop. Due to some technicalities that are too tedious to explain here; customers are only able to pay by Paypal. This problem will be solved eventually, but in the meanwhile I want to compensate you for this inconvenience by giving you 15% discount   in the shop. This offer is valid until the 14th of April when the cardpayment will be fixed. Use this discountcode in the checkout: APRIL15%

Well, I think that’s all for now. Hurry along to the webshop to claim your discount and then straight outside with you to enjoy the lovely sunshine!