8 augusti 2013


The next collection is just now being sewn in Izmir in Turkey! It should reach stores around the world in the beginning of September. 
The Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is inspired by my dad. He had a tame Magpie as he grew up at his foster-mother in southern Sweden.  He loved the sun and to sunbathe and was always tanned. He loved astronomy and therefor bought a massive telescope to watch and photograph the night sky. He got obsessed by the total eclipses that are so rare! When he was young he used to fly the glider and loved all sorts of birds. He worked a lot, traveling frequently to Finland, the States and within Sweden. He was quite eccentric and very pedantic, he was very thoughtful with a hasty temper. He was strong and weak at the same time. It’s thanks to my dad that Modéerska Huset exists. He was a wonderful man. Then, last fall, all of a sudden he wasn’t there anymore. I wish that I could use the doves in “Up and Above” to send him messages and tell him everything that’s happening. I love my father and I hope that you will love this collection that I dedicate to him. 
The three patterns in this collection are called Pica Pica, Up and Above and The Baltic. Pica Pica is a print with a boy and his Magpie; Pica Pica is the latin word for Magpie. Up and Above is a pattern with all that's heavenly about the sky. The Baltic is a pattern of the sea that separates Sweden and Finland with lots of ferries going forward and back, little islands, greenish waves and many gracile swans.

Many thanks to my lovely photographer Johanna Hedborg and all the wonderful kids in the pictures! Great thanks also to the parents of the marvelous mini-models! Without you this "project": Modéerska Huset, would not be possible!
The Baltic Body and Baby leggings
Up and Above Jumpsuit
The Baltic Jumpsuit
Pica Pica Body
Up and Above top and Pica Pica leggings
The Baltic top and Pica Pica leggings
Pica Pica t-shirt and The Baltic leggings
Pica Pica t-shirt and Up and Above skirt
Up and Above dress
The Baltic dress
The Baltic Sweater and Sweater trousers
Pica Pica dress
August-Marie t-shirt and The Baltic sweater trousers