14 augusti 2012

AUG 14th

My kids always just put on whatever and sometimes it's quite funny! So I thought I might start taking pictures of them on our way to school and kindergarten.

Ella (5,5 years) sandals from Kavat and an old ballet-thing that I wore in the beginning of the 80's (my mum saved nearly all my and my brothers clothes!). Toy from LUCKYBOYSUNDAY.
Ingrid (soon 4 years old) old inherited sandals also from Kavat, skirt from Anive for the Minors, shirt from COS and a leopard toy from WWF.

11 augusti 2012


Today is the last of three days at CPH Kids fair in Copenhagen. I'm exhibiting Modéerska Huset's spring/summer 2013 collection. I will soon let you all have a proper introduction to all the angry dogs, smug cats, cross birds and confused squirrels lost in both love and space, that crowd the collection.... As usual it's been a lovely fair, but right now I'm longing for my darling-monster-kids at home! 

1 augusti 2012


This summer, as all summers before, me and my family went to an auction in the country side, held in a large old barn. It was crowded and lots of interesting articles for sale. Unfortunately it started to pour down even before half time so we decided to leave.... I did manage to buy a bunch of old wallpaper-rolls that I will use in my summer cottage, and my mother bought some very pretty old wooden jigsaw-puzzles.


When on holiday in Småland in Sweden, I took the opportunity to visit an arts museum/gallery that's supposed to be rather interesting and different. It's called Virserums Konsthall. It was a long drive from where we were, on narrow winding roads with surroundings that were sometimes very beautiful. The building is marvelous, as you can see in the pictures below, and do not at all resemble most arts museums or galleries. Unfortunately I didn't fancy the exhibitions as much as the building (in fact I didn't hardly fancy them at all). But I will have a look at their homepage next summer and hopefully then they'll exhibit something much more worth while!
This lovely piece is made by Shora Dehnavi Goldkuhl!
The obligatory kids-corner!


The shop is now back in business.... Welcome! And below is a sneak peek of the autumn/winter collection that will be available in a few weeks time! The main patterns are called Sour Said the Fox, Limu Limu Lima and Corvus Corax and I will introduce them properly as when the collection has landed in my studio.
I'm very proud to announce that the autumn/winter collection is GOTS certified and is produced in Turkey.