11 september 2014


Well, Modéerska Huset is all about colour and prints, and sometimes it gets a bit much!? So therefor I have made a small basics range that is still prints but not really colour. Greymelange lovely soft organic cotton jersey with a black print. This will be great as a compliment to any colour or print really! The print for this basics range is called Medley. It is a pick and mix from loads of previous Modéerska Huset prints. 

"In music, a medley is a piece composed from parts of existing pieces, usually three, played one after another, sometimes overlapping. They are common in popular music, and most medleys are songs rather than instrumental. A medley which is a remixed series is called a megamix, often done with tracks for a single artist, or for popular songs from a given year or genre."

I hope that you will like this Medley range!