S/S 2013

The Spring/Summer 2013 collections is 100% organic and GOTS certified! The three patterns are called Space Squirrels, Angry Dog and Cross Bird. So many strong feelings!
Angry Dog Jumpsuit. Size: newborn to 9 months
Cross Bird Body. Newborn to 9 months.
Space Squirrels Jumpsuit. Newborn to 9 months.
Squirrels T-shirt, Space Squirrels Leggings. 1-6 years.
Cross Bird Vest, Angry Dog Leggings. 1-6 years.
Angry Dog Vest, Cross Bird Leggings. 1-6 years.
Space Squirrels Top, Cross Bird Leggings. 1-6 years.
Cross Bird T-shirt, Angry Dog Trousers. 1-6 years.

Angry Dog Dress. 1-6 years.

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