S/S 2015

A Great World! The Spring/Summer 2015 collection is called A Great World and it has got three new all over prints and a few front prints. All the jersey is GOTS certified and made from 100% organic cotton. The cotton is grown outside Izmir in Turkey and then all the production is kept within Izmir before it is sent to my tiny studio in Gothenburg from where I handle everything.

The first new pattern of this collection is called Little World. The nearest museum to where I live is the Maritime Museum. I have been there at least a thousand times with my kids and it is impossible not to be inspired by the beautiful old maps of the sea, the fantastic miniatures of old ships, the stories of mermaids and pirates and treasures and great sea monsters; and the quite ear figure heads in wood that used to decorate the front of ships!

The second new pattern is named Drizzle. Imagine a warm light summer rain, how the smell of the air changes to something lovely fresh and how a sun beam brakes the light into a rainbow spectre. The sort of rain that as a child you could not resist: you had to go out and just enjoy it (with or without clothes)!

The third pattern is called Owls of The Camellias. In Gothenburg were I live there’s an old orangery and each year in early spring, January or February the Camellias are in bloom. I have long been fascinated by these amazing flowers and me and my kids usually go to see this fantastic sight! The Camellias in this print are inhibited by a bunch of Owls, that large sort that are called Bubo Bubo in Latin. I love those great big things! But these ones look cuddly, and a little bit silly...

The forth all over pattern for this season is called Corvus Corax. It is a repeat pattern from a few seasons ago but in a new colour way. When I grew up we always had a stuffed raven on the wall. It was very large and very beautiful. It belonged to my dad but I have no idea how it came to his possession. He used to take it down and clean it’s feathers from time to time and me and my brother used to stand beside him in amazement. The raven is called Corvus Corax in Latin.

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