9 maj 2012


I'm finally getting down to drawing the next collection: S/S13... though I'm under so much stress. I have been given a deadline from my producers: everything must be finished and sent to them by the 21st of May (not even 2 weeks left...) This is to enable them to finish and send me the samples in time for the CPH Kids fair in Copenhagen 9-11th of August. So yesterday and today I worked on the colours.
I love working with the colours (next to drawing the patterns this is my favourite task)! This is my method: I put together some pictures that I feel strongly about and then I select colours from these photos/pictures. It can be pictures of anything at all. I'm constantly collecting pictures. Below's my unfinished colour-collage and approximate colours for S/S13. Next step is to make a colour-chart of these colours in Illustrator so that I can start applying them to my designs and patterns. So far I call the S/S 2013 collection CROSS....

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