21 mars 2013


After putting my kids to bed eight-ish o'clock I normally do the washing up and then my "nightshift" begin! It usually lasts for a few, quite a few or rather far too many hours :( The daytime hours are just not enough for managing both work, kids, home and myself. I'd really need twice as long days. Anyway... Yesterday I continued work on a pattern for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I call the patter Run Lion!. If you remember there was a story on the news last year about people spotting a lion somewhere in England but it turned out to be simply a very large cat! This news story is my inspiration for Run Lion!. I only have a few days to finish drawing my next collection so I've got some quite heavy nightshifts ahead of me.... Yesterday I got good help from a cup of hot chocolate and a friend's brilliant playlist; and perhaps this might be the remedy for the future nightshifts as well!

2 kommentarer:

  1. oooh busy times, but I like working at night, it's peaceful ;)


    1. Yes, that's quite true! If only one could sleep the next day.....