26 augusti 2015


The fall collection 2015 is right now on its way to Gothenburg, Sweden from Izmir, Turkey! Hopefully I will be able to send it out to suppliers and get it online during the first week in September.

This collection is called The Wilderness and is inspired by the Swedish forest and all who lives and moves within it. This is how this collection came about: Each summer me and my kids stay at our summer place in Småland in Sweden and even though I do not have much time for strolling in the forest I do cherish every moment I have there. Last summer me and my two little girls made friends with a great big hunter and we were really struck with the love and respect he felt for the forest and its animals and his great knowledge and wisdom. This meeting was so inspiring that when I got back to town and work, I made a whole collection of it!

There are four new prints in The Wilderness collection called Oh Dear!, Deep Forest, Summer Revisited and To Squirrel.

A nice new product for this season is the baby blanket with one print on each side that will fit perfectly in a stroller or a baby bed.

I really hope that you will like this new collection!

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