19 januari 2016

The Heavenly Collection


The Peace collection, or The Heavenly Collection as I initially called it, has finally arrived!

A collection with the theme of peace, love, friendship and reconciliation, doesn't change a thing in the world. But you can not helt but to react to the outside world and this is my reaction.

So, now you can dress your little ones in lovely spring green tones with peace doves carrying olive branches in their beaks - the classic peace gesture. Peace Please is the name of this pattern. It matches perfectly with the pattern Love Tiles. Just imagine if you could build and repair love with these cherfully coloured bricks! Angel Delights is a pattern with three great angels; Rita Sue, Dora Mae and Appallonia flying around and proclaiming the message of peace and understanding. This pattern goes nicely with the pattern Heavenly Abode where a bunch of kind-hearted rabbits have moved far far away, all the way into the sky and are now trying to settle in.

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